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Corn Combine Harvester

4YZJ-3D Corn Combine Harvester

Serial numberItemUnitspecification
1Machine type/Self-propelled crawler type
2Number of working lineRow3
3Row spacingmm580
4Adaptable range of row spacingmm540-620
5Working widthmm1800
6Number of Ear picking rollPairs3
7Ear picking roll form/Inclined vertical roll type
10Engine brand and model/YC4A140L
11Engine power/speedkw/r/min103/2300
12Transmission type/HST+Mechanical type
13Travel speedⅠgearkm/h1.62-4.8
(All gears can be changed without poles)Ⅱgear4.8-6.5


Reverse gear3.5
14Theoretical operating speedkm/h2.0-4.8
15Operational hourly productivityhm²/h0.14-0.2
16Fuel consumption per unit areakg/hm²≤45
17Track specification/320-90-56
Front tyre
Rear tyre
18Wheel pitchmm1380
19Minimum turning Angle°90
20Minimum ground clearancemm≥265
21The height of the straw boxmm3250
22Unload ear heightmm2400
23Unload straw heightmm2500
24Adapt to the minimum head picking heightmm500
25Header lifting mode/Hydraulic lifting
26Method of discharging grain/Hydraulic unloading
27Straw removal method/Hydraulic discharge of straw
28Ear box volume1.2
29Straw box volume3