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Corn Combine Harvester

4YZP-3B Corn Combine Harvester

Serial numberItemParameter
3Chassis structure

1. Using high-tooth track to walk the chassis, there will be no strip phenomenon

.2. With 9 teeth driving wheel, faster harvesting efficiency.

3. Adopt 45 displacement HST hydraulic continuously variable transmission, driving torque is large, walking and reversing one bar operation.

4. The walking gearbox is equipped with Yueda 80 gearbox, which has reliable performance and low failure rate.

4Number of working line3(In northwest China, four rows can be harvested in narrow row spacing planting areas)
5Row spacing580mm(Optional520/620)
6Working width1930mm
7Ear lifter structure

1. Use chain scraper

.2. Equipped with a secondary pull stem mechanism, the stem row effect is good.

3. Standard exhaust hair dryer, exhaust exhaust suction fan and grain fan, completely solve the straw blockage.

8Hearder structure

1. Adopt panicle plate header to knock less grain.

2. The header has a small dip Angle and is equipped with a longer front tip, which can easily collect and fall.

3. The straw returning machine with swinging knife is standard, which has good returning effect. (Hob returning machine can be optional according to user requirements)

9Peeling machine structure

1. Equipped with 14pcs rubber peeling roller, peeling effect is good.

2. The state of high and low roller and flat roller can be exchanged (users can adjust the state according to the peeling effect, simple and easy to operate).

 3.Use a twisted-dragon for strong sorting.

4. The anti-tangle plate of peeling roller adopts circular arc surface structure, which is formed by integrated stamping with professional mold. It has fewer grains and reliable strength.

10Grain recovery structure

1. Grain unloading and recovery, slide unloading structure, simple operation.

2. Standard double electric hair dryer for grain discharge, less grain debris recovery.

11Chain lubricationStandard automatic oiler, one button can be used to oil the whole car chain
12CabStandard luxury cab, reversing image, granary monitoring system